Baboon behaviour has severely affected the lives of residents living in the Simons Town area.

Before 2014, the local baboon troop was rarely seen; by 2019, baboon numbers had increased from under 20 to just under 60, with raiding occurring from 4 to 5 times a day on occasions.  

The aggression over food increased, placing residents, their children, pets and properties at risk should they encounter baboons seeking food.

Although there are many laws designed to protect both baboons and humans' rights, the authorities have been unable to implement them, mainly since the community was divided as to the solution.

Growing vegetables in such a baboon-frequented environment are likely to be a futile effort unless counter-measures are taken. 

Baboons invading my home in search of vegetables

The baboon raids on our home had increased in intensity in 2019 and on one ocasion my baboon defenses were breeched. 

To prevent baboons from entering our property, in 2020 , we decided to erect an electric fence around the perimeter of our property to protect our vegetable garden and protect our home from possible intrusion by baboons.

Fortunately, this intervention worked well, and we were able to reclaim our lives and and I could proceed with my organic vegetable growing and grow nutritious food without being hindered by these pests.