This site is for home organic vegetable gardeners who enjoy growing delicious vegetables and herbs, using methods that work in a small home garden. 

I have a small garden because I am only interested in growing the vegetables I like in sufficient quantities for our family. I see no point in growing masses of vegetables I don't need.

Only a limited number of plants can be accommodated, giving one more control over the whole garden and the condition of all plants grown during the season. I enjoy helping the small number of plants I grow survive pests, diseases and extreme weather conditions.

In turn, my plants provide me & my family with delicious food. Join my plants and me in our season-long adventures as we share tips for the small space home gardener.


This video illustrates what's possible in a small garden


Simons Town, Cape Town


Simons Town has a Mediterranean climate which allows year-long vegetable growing opportunities.



Growing Chart


In previous seasons I used a two-season growing chart. In 2022 to 2023, I decided to use a four-season growing chart.


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The following video explains how vegetable gardening gave me significant new insights and direction during my recovery from cancer.



Audio explaining how the site came about

Goals for the garden

  1. ​​​​​​Test and record the outcomes using standard methods to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit to determine successful approaches for a small space home garden.
  2. Determine the biochemical, biological and physical requirements needed to efficiently grow high-quality organic vegetables and herbs in a small spece home garden.
  3. Investigate the interaction between plants and the environment that enable plants and the biosphere to act in harmony.


The garden layout and contents