Simons Town

Beautiful Simons Town, outside Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa

Although frost is rare in wither is sometimes snows on the mountains surrounding Cape Town in mid-winter, but not in Simons Town.

Simons Town weather

The warm weather vegetable growing season in the Western Cape starts in late winter to early spring, which is when to germinate seeds, plant seedlings, and start growing vegetables.

Simons Town has a USDA Zone 2 hardiness rating, has a Mediterranean climate, winter rainfall, and a climate similar to Southern California.

The region is virtually frost-free with a winter rainfall pattern of 350-1000 mm per annum, usually between late autumn and early spring, and summers with an average daytime temperature below 30°C provide year-long vegetable growing opportunities.

Spring invigorates plants which respond with vigour and enthusiasm, and gardening rewards abound.

My grandson enjoying the indiginous flora and late winter sun (can you find him?)

The beautiful Western Cape fynbos plants