Forging Ahead

My small organic vegetable garden played a significant role in my recovery from cancer. It gave me a sense of inner peace and fulfilment and helped me find myself again.

While tending my plants, I also realized that I sensed a feeling of calm and joy at just being alive surrounded by the beauty and vibrance of life. I became present in the moment with stilled thoughts about the past and the future.

At that stage, my goal for my first vegetable garden's was to produce as many of my favourite varieties of vegetables as possible in the shortest possible time because I was not sure how long I would remain on this planet.

As the years passed, my vegetable gardening interest grew and became more specialized and challenging. But, even more importantly, I discovered that my post-cancer depression was being stilled, and I was looking forward to the future, taking it one day at a time.

I do not strive to become self-sufficient and produce many vegetables and herbs; instead, quality and not quantity. The joy of watching, learning and understanding the complex micro-ecosystem that supports the growth of vegetables is what I strive for and the joy of feeling part of and being grateful for the incredible world in which we live.

My goal for myself

To experience inner peace and joy when being mindful of the interconnectedness of all forms of life, and as the Sun sets on a day's gardening, I will experience the pleasure of a day well lived looking forward to the next.