Floradade tomato

By WW month 6 (mid-summer), I noticed that the tomatoes in the raised beds showed signs of approaching the end of their life cycle, as were the Roma tomatoes.  

I decided that it was time to supplement my tomato garden to ensure that I had an adequate supply until the end of the growing season.  I decided to grow Floradade and Money Maker tomatoes to meet this need. 

Since my garden is small and space is at a premium, I grew the seedlings in the same pots that the Roma tomatoes were in as they ended their life cycles.

Month 6- Floradade seedlings planted the pots in which ageing Roma tomatoes were growing.

The young seedlings grew well, and when the Roma tomatoes had ended their harvest, I removed them.

Cool-weather month 1 - Summer 

Month 1 - Month 1 - The Floradade plants are in flower, and small tomatoes are starting to appear.

Month 2 - Floradade fruit is growing well and increasing rapidly in size.

Month 2 - Floradade fruit in second container is also growing well.

Month 3 - The Floradade fruit is ripening into large tasty slicing tomatoes.

The Floradade tomato was introduced in 1976 by the University of Florida.  It is a large determinant, regular leaf plant that produces heavy yields of 5-7 oz, firm, smooth, red tomatoes with slightly deep globes. 

This tomato was made for and thrives in hot, humid climates ans has the ability to stand 90-100F temperatures and still produce heavy crops.  

The Floradade Tomato is a delicious, bright red variety and is a rather tall determinate with dense, meaty fruit.  This tomato plant produces smooth, 5-7 ounces sized tomatoes with slightly deep globes with red and green shoulders

Money Maker: