CW 1 & 2

Month 1 - Mid-summer.

Although hot and long, the days will soon start to shorten ever-so-slightly as the Western Cape moves towards mid-winter, six months away.

Guarva tree - This guarva tree was plated In the 20020/1 season, and produced only six large tasty fruit; however, now, a year later it is laden with fruit. 

Guarva buds, flowers and fruit

Similarly, the newly planted fig tree produced only about 20 figs in the 2220/1 season; a year later, it is laden with figs. 

Week 1 - Fig tree laden with small figs.

Week 1 - Branch laden with young figs.

Lime tree

In 2020, because of the limited space in the area, I planted the lime tree in a small space with limited sunlight, and it did not thrive.  It hardly grew during the first year and was attacked by pests. 

A year later, it seemed to have adapted to its conditions, and there was a significant amount of new growth.

Week 1 - Lime tree planted a year previously in limited space, now adapting to its environment.

Week 1 - To my delight, the first limes produced.

Peach, plum, pomegranate, granadella, and paw paw trees 

I purchased these fruit-bearing trees in late 2021 to early 2022.


I chose peach and pomegranate grafted saplings had young fruit growing on them. 

Week 1 - A peach sapling growing with fruit and granadilla plants growing in the background

Week 1 - A newly planted Pomegranate sapling with sizeable fruit

Month 2 - Late summer to early autumn

Week 3 - Peaches looking delicious

Week 3 - First paw paw trees - Carica papaya

Lime tree attack

Week 3 - Lime tree tips chewed

Week 3 - the culprit - butterflies have been visiting us recently!

Week 3 - caterpiller enjoying lime leaves

Needless to say, I removed and disposed of the pests!

Week 3 - Lime production was not hindered by the catterpillers.

Week 3 - Lime nearly ready for picking/

Month 2 - Summer turing to early autumn


Six weeks previously corn, an almond sapling and asparagus seedlings had been planted.

Week 3 - Corn, almond and asparagus thrive.

Week 3 - Able grandson, my apprentice, moving things along. Week 1

Week 3 - Corn nearing harvesting.

Week 4 - The first corn harvested - it was delicious.

Week 4 - Figs starting to swell.

Week 4 - Figs swelling and ripening.