Tomatoes grown in 2020 to 2021

Autumn into spring

I grew Goldern Sunrise, Money Maker, Oxheart and Roma tomatoes in the season.  I planted the seedlings in raised beds during WW month 3 (autumn).

Month 3 , week 3 - seedlings planted.

Month 4, week 2 - seedlings had trebbled their size.


Month 5, week 1 - The plants had reached the second trellis and had been extensively pruned.

Month 5, week 3 - The foliage was recovering, and flower buds are appearing.

Month 5, week 4 - The plants have reached the third trellis, and there is expensive foliage regrowth, and small turrets of tomatoes and flowers are starting to form.

​​The seedlings increased rapidly in size over the next few days into young recognizable tomato plants that needed special growing requirements to thrive and be productive.  The extensive growth was an indication that pruning was urgently required.

I decided to remove the lower leaves.  My thinking was that the lower leaves are more prone to disease and take energy away from the plant's critical function, namely to grow tomatoes. It also meant that I could spray water using a lowly placed sprinkler close to the ground without the risk of over-wetting the leaves and risking infection.

Month 6, week 1 - I pruned the lower leaves and suckers but left the turrets of small tomatoes and flowers intact on the more inferior vines:

Month 6, week 2 - Pruning revealed many small tomatoes in turrets on the vines, particularly in the Money Makers, showing the largest green tomatoes.

Cool weather months - The start of the six cool-weather (CW) months as they move from mid-summer to mid-winter.

Month 1, week 1 - After pruning, it was found that all varieties had produced groups of turreted tomatoes on their pruned vines, the most prominent being the Money Maker tomato.

The productivity during the summer months was good, and delicious tomatoes were produced.

Late summer into autumn

From mid-month 1 to mid-month 2, towards the end of summer, the determinate plant, Money Maker's productivity and foliage started to decline; however, the indeterminate plants, Lycopersicon Esculentum (Oxheart) and GolderSunrise's productivity increased, as did their foliage.

Month 1, week 2 - The tomatoes had increased considerably in size. They were starting to turn colour except for the VF Variant Roma 2 Organic which growth was stunted and unproductive.

Month 1, week 3 - The Money Maker's and Roma's productivity and foliage started to decline; however, the GolderSunrise's productivity increased, as did it's foliage.

Month 3 - As the end of the tomato growing season grew closer, the determinate Roma tomato, like the Market Maker tomato a month before, started ceasing its vining tendency and ongoing flower and fruit production. However, the indeterminate Ox Heart and Golden Sunlight tomatoes continued with their vining and fruit production late into the season.