Oxheart tomatoes

In month 4 (spring) I purchased Oxheart seedlings and grew them between the young Black Krim tomato plants.

Month 4 - Oxheart seedlings planted between Plack Krim plants.

Month 4 -I immediately pruned the young plants and the Black Krim, removing excessive foliage.

Month 5 - Young fruit soon appeared as the vines grew towards the Black Krim plants on the left.

Month 6 - The fruit increased rapidly in size.

Month 6 - Oxheart fruit growing rapidly.

Month 6 - Huge ripe Oxheart tomatoes ready for harvesting.

Oxheart tomatoes are mid season to late season tomatoes that are similar to beefsteak varieties and just as versatile.

Their characteristic large size and pointed bottom resembles that of a beef heart, hence the name. The shape is due to a mutation that causes the blossom end (bottom) to elongate.

Heirloom Rainbow Blend tomatoes: