Indigo Cherry Drops Cocktail

I grew seedlings from seed starting in winter (WW1)winter and planted the resulting seedlings in a container in month 2.

Month 1, week 5 - Indigo Cherry Drop seedings emerging from peat pots (far right).

Month 2, week 1 - Seedling planted in a container and doing well.

Month 2, week5 - Seedling have doubled in size.

Month 4 - Late autumn, early spring - plants in flower.

Month 5 - Spring - Plant fruiting.

Month 6 - Fruits in various stages of ripening.

The indigo Cherry Drop tomato plants produced an abundant supply of delicious cherry tomatoes during summer.  

Unfortunately, in month 6, they suffered severe mildew attacks, followed rapidly by aphids, which I was unable to control, and the plants died.  

I believe that this could have been prevented had I started treating at first signs of mildew.  Unfortunately, my treatment was not early nor sufficiently vigorous.  I will most certainly grow these delicious tomatoes in the following season.

Indigo Cherry Drops tomato

The indigo cherry drop tomato plant produces strong-flavoured fruit, deepest chocolate brown with rosy undersides and deep red tasty flesh and is regarded by many as the tastiest cherry tomato globally.

This stunning new cocktail cherry tomato, the Indigo Cherry Drops Cocktail Tomato - Lycopersicon Esculentum from Oregon State University.

The indeterminate, open-pollinated plant with green foliage has round, 1" fruits with indigo shoulders, rosy undersides and deep red flesh.

It produces enormous yields of 2-2.5 cm fruit with very high anthocyanin levels with a potential for up to 500-1,000 per plant under ideal conditions.

Bred by Dr Jim Myers using traditional plant breeding techniques, the colour comes from wild tomatoes found in the Galapagos Islands and Peru. (Cordon)

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