WW Months 5 & 6 (Summer)

Information on growing strawberries is provided in the strawberry subsection of the berries page.

Month 5

Two additional containers were planted with strawberry plants purchased from a nursery with the aim of increasing the yield.


Week 1 - Strawberry plants planted in second container.

Week 4 - First berries of the season

Week 5 - Berries continue to be produced and ripen.

Month 6 

Week 1 - Regular daily production of berries.

Week 2 - Third container added.

Week 3 - The excellent supply of berries continues.

Week 3 - Excellent supply from both sides of containers.

Week 4 - Strawberries continue to flourish, but now runners are appearing.

Week 4 - The runners are prolific on both sides of the containers.

Cool weather 1 - Mid-summer

Week 2 - A fourth container is planted with seedlings grown from runners.

Week 2 - Working grandson is examing a strawberry as he eats it.