WW Months 5 & 6 (Summer)

Four blueberry plants were purchased during WW5 week 1. They were pruned and placed in a bird proof enclosue.

WW Month 4, Week 5 - Blue berries plants arrive from nursery, and placed in the raised bed area.

WW Month 5, week 1 - Blueberry plants repotted and placed in container area.

WW Month 5, week 2- Blueberry cage constructed to protect fruit from birds.

WW 6, week 2 Blueberries ripening

WW6, week 3, A week later.

WW 6, Week 4 - blueberries ready for eating

Information on growing and maintaing blueberries is found in the blueberry sub-section of the berries page.

CW 1 - Late summer

Week 1 - Grandson digging for blueberries.

Week 1 - Caught in the act.

A week later there was an attack by birds  on the container tomatoes

Week 3 - Starling surveing

Week - Post bird attack.

The tomato plants were moved to the blueberry cage to protect them from feeding birds, and the  the blueberry plants were moved into the open container area.

Week 2 - Container tomatoes now protected from raiding birds.

Week 2 - Blueberry plants have completed fruiting now in the open container area. The birds and my grandson are no longer interested.